The Flutes

Each flute is unique, made from hard or softwood or a combination of both. The instruments are generally single octave, six-hole and are tuned to a natural minor scale. The smallest flutes are very high pitched (see Birdsong below): large flutes can be tuned as low as F# below middle C. Various drone flutes are also available.

Woodsong Flutes

These are a simple, undecorated flutes made of hardwood or softwood with a plain block. They are available in keys G# to E , make a beautiful sound and are the perfect first flute.

Price £100.00

Wishsong Flutes

Made from a variety of hardwoods or softwoods. These beautiful flutes are as the Woodsong flutes but with intricate blocks, pyrography, inlays and carvings. They have a subtlety of sound and complex energies depending on the woods used. These flutes are works of art as well as musical instruments. Available in all keys .

Price from £135.00

Drone Flutes

These are the double barrelled flutes that play as a standard flute on one side and the fundamental note on the other. The twin mouthpiece enables one or both flutes to be played at a time. Drone flutes have a powerful energy and a complex evocative sound. These are available as both Woodsong or Wishsong flutes in keys G# to D.
Price for Woodsong drone £190.00 Price for Wishsong Drone from £220.00

Birdsong Flutes

High-pitched small flutes available in both hardwood and softwood, keys A to high D. Usually as standard Woodsong specification, from £85.

Commission Flutes

Do you have a particular wood in mind, a specific key requirement, a totem or power animal that you would like as a block, a particular symbol or wording burned onto your flute? All of these can be incorporated into a commission flute. I can also curve the holes on any flute to allow a lower key (larger) flute to be played more easily by those with smaller hands. Left-handed drones, five-hole flutes and Major Scale flutes are available to order .

Uses of the flute

These beautiful flutes can be used simply to create sweet music but their ‘other worldly’ quality makes them a useful tool to aid many holistic and spiritual practices. Our experiences and those of our friends have led us to conclude:
 Any of the flutes can be used as an aid to relaxation and as a means of calming the mind prior to meditation
 The lower keys have an affinity with the solar plexus and sacral chakras
 Flutes in F and F# are healing keys, either for ‘Sound Therapy’ or as part of a Reiki treatment or crystal healing
 Flutes in higher keys connect with the heart and third eye chakras. They are uplifting and aid the fight against depression and melancholy
 Flutes in the mid and higher ranges work particularly well with other instruments, such as the drum or didgeridoo, and are useful for ceremony and ritual
Remember-each flute is unique and you will know how your flute is best enjoyed and used!
Whilst I keep a small stock of flutes at all times, Nightstar flutes will make flutes to order from either soft or hard woods in most keys. Left-handed drones available.

The Woods

Ash-white/pale with strong open grain. Known as the Tree Of Life or World Tree. A tree of enlightenment and enchantment.
Beech-mid toned and close grained. Denotes versatility with a positive, generous energy. Can aid in gaining knowledge. Associated with Ogham symbols.
Birch- white to pale yellow in colour. Associated with the goddess Cerridwen, burned on the Beltane fire . A tree of wisdom and protection. First Runes made of birch.

Cedar-Rich pinky red with a wonderful aromatic scent. Known as the ‘tree of life’ and sacred to the Native Americans

English Cherry-medium/dark, richly coloured and beautifully grained. Associated with good fortune and financial gain.

Linden (Lime)-Mid toned and close grained. A healing wood bringing calm and tranquility. Associated with earth energy of the dragon.

Maple-light and pinkish in tone. A tree that reminds us of our cyclical nature and the changing of the seasons. Traditional wood used in Native American flutes.

Oak-medium coloured with dense grain. Sacred to the Druids, tree of strength, courage and protection. A doorway to spirituality.

Plane-beautiful lace patterned grain. Hippocrates taught beneath a plane tree-a healing wood.

Poplar-pale and silvery with flashes of faery green-. A calming, nurturing wood said to reduce fevers. Aids communication, has strength and durability

Spruce-very blonde, darkening to rich gold with age Associated with youth and vigour and the coming of the light at midwinter.

Sycamore-medium coloured with widely variable grain. Originally from Central Europe. Resonant and sacred in tone.

Walnut-the darkest of the woods. Helps clarity of thought and encourages individuality and independence.

Wych Elm-dark coloured with hints of green and close grained. Associated with Elves and Fairies and used for the Beltane maypole.

Yew-rich orange and dark brown marbled hard wood. A long-lived tree representing the cycle of death and rebirth, connects us to the wisdom of the past.

Please note: not all the woods are available at all times

Oak flutes are commission only, prices on application.